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ISSUE 14! NEW!(2/8/05)

PBeM Fantasy Football - using teams and players from the Premiership and the 1st Division - this game allows you to become the Manager of your fav. club, whether it's the Premier title you want.... or the task of keeping your club up..... promotion........ Europe (uefa and champs lge) Or even just to go on a cup run and lift the F.A. Cup... This game is not complex so its easy to play - pick your first 11 send them out with a game plan and wait for the result, Buy superstars or even drop lucky with a cheap player who turns into a hero, and of course sell the deadwood.... Can you take your team all the way in the many different competitions? TAKE THE CHALLENGE !!!

(currently running 2 English Divisions)

The English Premiership

* Birmingham * Blackburn * Bolton * Charlton * Portsmouth * Southampton *

The English Championship

* Leeds * Millwall * Norwich * Preston * QPR * Sheff Utd * Sunderland * Wigan *

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